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Desk Feet Hammock That Improves Posture And Helps You Relax


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  • Type: Hammock
  • Age Group: Adults
  • Size: Single-person
  • Style: Feet Hammock


Nearly all adults spend more time at our desk than in our beds relaxing. It is about time we make our hours at our office desk as comfortable as our hours sleeping.

Why The Foot Hammock?

Humanity has evolved, our experience at a desk should too.

A Healthier Lifestyle

The Foot Hammock adds to increasing comfort, improved posture, and overall health and well-being.

Whether you'd like to recline in your seat or maybe have some extra support, the Foot Hammock will definitely make you feel comfier.

Features & Benefits

Easy to Set-up & Remove: The Foot Hammock is designed to be easy to install and remove; it has a strap on each end that extends to a hook. 

Comfortable: The hammock is made of comfortable material. Each hammock is made to conveniently form around the foot, having strong support and a flexible give.

Adjustable: The straps to the foot hammock can be adjusted to any level wanted. Which means you can hang your feet low to the ground, take a more reclined position, or even pull the hammock entirely up against your desk and out of the way.

Universal: The Hammock was designed to work on virtually every desk. The Foot Hammock can also be attached on the bottom of any smooth surface, such as a table. 

Machine Washable: The Hammock is easily taken off from the straps so it can be placed in the washing machine for cleaning. Barefoot usage might require occasional wash!

Improved Posture: Using the Foot Hammock to recline while hanging your feet close to the ground can enhance your posture at your desk and boost your overall health. 


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